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SIAF Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition will be held in Guangzhou China Import and export commodities trade exhibition hall from March 1 to 3, 2017. The exhibition covers an area of 45000 square meters and gathers 545 exhibitors from 15 countries and regions. It provides all-round automation solutions for all industries and shows the latest products and technologies such as transmission series and components, sensors and IPCs, industrial software, robot technology, etc

the highlights of this exhibition include the Guangdong robot exhibition area organized by the Guangdong society of automation and the Guangdong society of mechanical engineering, and the Taiwan exhibition group led by the Taiwan Electrical and electronic industry association. The former is located in hall 1.1, with the theme of upgrading Guangdong Industrial Alliance. The exhibits cover intelligent production lines, intelligent factories and intelligent manufacturing systems. As for the Taiwan Exhibition Group, this year is the eighth consecutive year. It is distributed in halls 4.1 and 3.1. It will show the industrial automation strength of Taiwan and bring various production schemes and related products

in addition, the exhibition halls and exhibits are distributed as follows:

1.1 Hall: Guangdong robot exhibition area

2.1 Hall: industrial robot/machine vision

3.1/4.1 Hall: transmission, mechanical drive systems and parts, integrated solutions, control technology and their corresponding supply support technology

5.1 Hall: sensing technology, industrial measurement and instrumentation

as the leading industrial automation exhibition in South China, SIAF brings together many international and domestic well-known products. 2. Lifting method fatigue test lifting method fatigue test is a frequently used and accurate method to obtain the fatigue limit of metal materials or structures. It is hoped that this exhibition will open up business opportunities and attract more customers. Some enterprises to be presented at this exhibition include:

industrial robots and machine vision

all for all, ATI, konaishi, Daheng image, Kawasaki Longshen, ruisenke, Guangzhou CNC, eston, julun, Yalu, hamenake, Haijian, luole, senzapate and Anchuan Shougang

factory automation

Beijialai, Beifu, Delta, letron, beijiafu, pirci, Schmid, Gaochuang Sigmatek and Wes

connection technology

Oglan, Connell, Haoting, Phoenix Contact, stauber, Wien, weidmiller

sensing and measurement

baruf, baumeng, biduk, Cantai, Kerui, IMA, forward looking, efumen, Modi, Sike and Turk

at present, production automation and intelligence are the future direction both at home and abroad. The development of the exhibition conforms to this trend. Therefore, it has attracted more and more exhibitors. The brands that first appeared in this exhibition include: Bernstein, odes, Dodd, Ourui, plofis, risenko, Gino, spinea, nichong, Enni and Wittenstein

in addition to a strong lineup of exhibitors, this exhibition also welcomed more than 130 professional buyer groups, including Bayer pharmaceuticals, BYD, Colgate, FAW Volkswagen, Foxconn, Hisense home appliances, Huawei, LiBai, Midea, oppo, TCL, ZTE, etc. China Light Industry Machinery Association will organize well-known domestic food and beverage packaging and machinery related enterprises to visit and learn how to use various automatic components and systems to find various schemes to optimize the production line

in addition, this SIAF will be held at the same time as the 11th asiamold Guangzhou International Mold Exhibition, which will focus on mold manufacturing, 3D printing, die casting, metal processing and other products and technologies. Under the interaction of the two exhibitions, it is expected to attract more than 65000 domestic and foreign visitors. Diversified exhibition contents and high-quality exhibitors' brands can create business opportunities for visitors, build partnerships and expand customer sources

the seminar activities in the same period provide rich market information and inspire thinking

the seminar activities of this exhibition are also wonderful, with strong support from many industry associations and more than 100 topics. Participants can obtain rich market and technical information through a series of seminars led by influential experts in the industry, so as to help inspire thinking and expand opportunities

one of the highlights is the newly launched special session for dialogue with invisible champions. The general managers of industry leading enterprises baccalais, Biff and phoenix contact will give lectures on smart manufacturing, industrial trends, new market opportunities, industry challenges and other hot topics. At the sensor and Machine Vision Forum, experts from well-known enterprises will also introduce relevant technologies on industry 4.0. The following are some of the seminar topics and keynote companies:

industry 4.0 and made in China 2025: beijiafu, ruisenke, Schmid, sigmatek and other

Zhisheng future delta automation product seminar

connection technology and interface technology: Enni electronics, Haoting, Germany Weilang electric and others

transmission technology: Lenz, Nord transmission, Wittenstein and other

sensing technologies: baluf, efman, Cantai, beijiafu and others

machine vision and industrial measurement: kangnaishi, Daheng vision, senzapate, Sike and others

industrial control Salon: a perennial activity organized by Zhonghua industrial control, enjoying the popularity of the industry

opc Association Special Session: hosted by OPC foundation, it shares the cases of digital chemical plants operated by IOT

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