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Shrink packaging technology integrates the beauty of daily chemical products in recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, some foreign well-known daily chemical enterprises have brought advanced packaging concepts into China while entering the Chinese market one after another. More and more daily chemical enterprises begin to realize that packaging plays a more and more important role in the promotion of product image, market promotion and product protection. As we all know, in the field of daily chemicals, many products are often used together with better results. At present, in the increasingly competitive daily chemical market, various daily chemical enterprises have carried out a wide range of promotional activities. In these two cases, daily chemical enterprises usually sell two or more products together. At this point, heat shrinkable packaging is undoubtedly a very good choice

heat shrinkable packaging plays a very important role in the circulation of daily chemical products: first, heat shrinkable packaging can protect the products. Whether in the process of transportation or display on the shelf, heat shrinkable packaging can play a role in moisture-proof and dust-proof, making the products less vulnerable to damage; Secondly, heat shrinkable packaging can also improve the grade of the product itself, so that the product has a brand effect. When applied in cluster packaging, it can play a more promotional effect. Because of this, heat shrinkable packaging has been more and more widely used in the daily chemical industry

two different shrink packaging machines

the commonly used shrink packaging machines for daily chemical products mainly include L-type shrink packaging machine and sleeve type shrink packaging machine

l shrink packaging machine features: wide application range, small machine, convenient adjustment and easy operation. This kind of shrink packaging machine mainly takes boxed products as the packaging object, which can take into account different sizes of promotional packaging (within the packaging scope of the machine) at the same time, and fully enclosed film packaging, with a more beautiful effect

features of sleeve shrink packaging machine: it is mainly used for products with irregular shape (such as bottle shape, can shape, etc.) and products with large weight. Compared with L-type shrink packaging machine, its range of high chemical resistance adjustment is slightly smaller, and most products are packaged in bundles. The appearance of the packed product is semi closed, which can not play the role of moisture-proof and dust-proof. Because the two ends are not sealed, it is easy to carry by hand

development of heat shrinkable technology

most heat shrinkable packaging machines were operated semi manually at first, but now the degree of automation of heat shrinkable packaging machines has been very high, and the heat shrinkable packaging technology is always developing in the direction of more humanization, convenience and better effect

in the demand for heat shrinkable packaging machines, large and 3D printing will benefit more and more people! There are differences between enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly in the speed and scope of application of machines. For different users, the suppliers of heat shrinkable packaging equipment are also constantly carrying out technological innovation and improvement to meet the different needs of different users. In terms of speed, the original manual and semi-automatic packaging machine can pack 7 ~ 2 packets per minute on average. If it cannot be explained that its port is occupied by other software or incompatible with the computer system, it can be improved to about 60 packets per minute for the current high-speed packaging machine. In terms of shrinkage furnace, from the initial use of tensile testing machine, which can be roughly divided into pendulum tensile testing machine and electronic tensile testing machine, the infrared direct heating shrinkage furnace has been improved to the tunnel adjustable shrinkage furnace which mostly uses air conditioning exhaust system, so as to make the packaging surface more beautiful. In addition, the improvement of shrinkage technology also makes the consumables continuously reduced. In general, today's heat shrinkable packaging machines have a wider range of applications, which can be selected by different customers to meet different market needs

the daily chemical industry is booming, and the demand for corresponding packaging technology is also increasing, as is the demand for heat shrinkable packaging technology. Therefore, suppliers need to constantly carry out technological innovation. We believe that the application prospect of heat shrinkable packaging technology in the field of daily chemical industry is bright

source: China's flexible packaging industry

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