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Shunde Longjiang international furniture and materials exhibition will be held in March. It is reported that the 23rd International Dragon furniture exhibition and the 13th Asian international furniture materials exhibition will be held at the Shunde Longjiang Qianjin Exhibition Center and the Asian international furniture materials trading center from March 17 to 20, respectively

1. Performance characteristics of digital display electronic tensile testing machine tanfengxian, executive vice mayor of Longjiang Town, Shunde District, said that the two major furniture in Longjiang, relying on the industrial advantages of "China's important furniture manufacturing town" and "China's capital of furniture materials", has become a shining star in the exhibition of China's furniture and furniture materials industry. Each exhibition attracts well-known enterprises, industry veterans, investment purchasers, traders and designers in the furniture and furniture accessories industry from all over the world to attend regularly

it is understood that this International Dragon furniture exhibition has more than 400 exhibitors, 207 civil furniture, 88 office furniture and 113 raw and auxiliary material enterprises; The civil exhibition area is divided into software series, solid wood series, board wood series and metal series, and the office exhibition area takes the swivel chair series as the fist product. At the same time, the 13th Asia International Furniture Materials Expo was held, and 1300 material exhibitors exhibited at the same time, In the form of "Asia International Spring procurement Festival", Professor gangarao also said: "High maintenance cost of old buildings interacts with the aifme main exhibition hall. The exhibition area covers a total area of more than 430000 square meters, which is divided into seven exhibition areas: furniture coating material area, furniture hardware and accessories area, office furniture and accessories area, furniture base material area, special chemical materials area for furniture, furniture filling and packaging materials area, and furniture production equipment. The newly added hall h is a boutique hall, which is an Asian International upgrading and transformation demonstration area, with more than 60 exhibitors 。

this International Dragon furniture exhibition and Asia International Furniture Materials Expo will focus on promoting the latest R & D new products, hold high the banner of environmental protection and science and technology with new technologies and materials, and meet consumers' requirements for fashion, high-end and environmental protection

the highlight of this exhibition is the "Asia International Spring procurement Festival" and the "Dragon furniture creative design competition". The exhibition hall of the International Dragon furniture exhibition and the Asian materials exhibition hall are respectively provided with exhibition areas for the works of the design competition, so that more manufacturers, dealers and visitors can participate in it, and personally experience the perfect combination of Chinese culture and European and American products. Of course, the more you know about the operation of the machine, the more effective it will be

Qianjiang, general manager of Asia international furniture materials trading center, said that with the promotion of the national urbanization policy, the demand of the second and third tier furniture market has increased significantly; The international economic situation is becoming more and more stable, and the export orders are picking up steadily, greatly enhancing the market confidence of furniture dealers; Asia International Furniture Materials Expo will display more than 80000 products, including more than 500 new products launched nationwide and more than 1000 promotional products. At present, more than 30000 pieces of relevant procurement information have been received, bringing hope for Chinese furniture manufacturers to break through the difficulties

according to the prediction of Shunde Furniture Association, the number of high-quality purchasers attending the International Dragon furniture exhibition will increase significantly. More than 87000 people from more than 100 countries and regions with inaccurate positioning will come to the exhibition to visit and purchase. Domestic dealers will increase by 12% and foreign purchasers will increase by 13%

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