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it has been several months since Hebei Province issued intensive policies to supervise the property market, and the transaction statistics also show the power of the policy. However, behind this, the phenomenon of disguised price increases through bundling hardcover or parking space sales still exists, and even spread to areas relatively far away from Beijing. Recently, according to the online signing price statistics of institutions, the price of new houses in Yanjiao and Xianghe is only more than 10000 yuan per square meter, and the reporter's investigation found that the price of new houses in these two regions has exceeded 20000 yuan. There is even a double price difference between the online signing price and the actual price in some regions. What kind of operation means is hidden behind this

magical reality between 15000 and 30000

“ In May, the average sales price of commercial housing in Yanjiao was 15619 yuan/square meter, down 6.1% month on month& hellip; In May, the overall average sales price of Xianghe was 10934 yuan/square meter, and the price trend stabilized &hellip& hellip; In terms of price segment, products with a price of more than 8000 yuan/square meter are the main force of market transactions, but the proportion is significantly lower than that of the same period last year, and the proportion of products with a price of 6000 yuan (including) -7000 yuan/square meter is significantly increased& rdquo; Recently, this series of figures from Beijing Zhongyuan institutional market report has attracted the attention of the industry

according to the impression of the industry and buyers, the average sales price of Yanjiao housing was 15000 yuan/square meter, which was three years ago. Now, after the regulation and control, in the few new projects left in Yanjiao, even if the unit price has fallen, the unit price of new houses is also more than 20000 yuan, and the quotation of second-hand houses has also exceeded the quotation level of 25000 yuan/square meter

and in areas such as Xianghe and Dachang, which are relatively farther away from Beijing, their new house prices have already exceeded the prices shown in the institutional report

since the end of last year, Langfang, Baoding, Zhangjiakou and other regions in Hebei Province and their subordinate regions have successively issued purchase restrictions on the property market, and some regions have even issued upgraded purchase restrictions for many times. Under policy restrictions, the trading volume of the property market around Beijing has indeed cooled down, but is its price trend the same

“ In fact, the average transaction price in the report comes from the online signing price in each region& rdquo; For the deviation between the reported data and the actual impression, the relevant person in charge of Beijing Zhongyuan introduced

some insiders also admitted to the Beijing News reporter that although many regions around Beijing have strengthened the supervision of pre-sale licenses for many times, it is an open secret to raise prices in disguised form in the property market around Beijing

on November 18 last year, a reporter from the Beijing News reported that buying a new house in Yanjiao requires an increase of more than 200000 yuan

at that time, when the reporter of the Beijing News consulted in Yudong County as a buyer, the salesperson said that the current housing supply had increased prices. The contract was signed according to the filing price of the housing authority. The filing price was relatively low, about 23000 yuan/square meter, while the project was about 28000 yuan/square meter at that time. Buyers had to make up the difference in the middle

it is worth noting that this is not an example. The salesperson of another project on sale in Yanjiao said, “ In addition to the price increase, there is also a case that the bundled parking spaces are sold for 1million yuan per parking space& rdquo;

at present, with the continuous upgrading of regulation and control, the “ Hidden rules ” It continues

Under the regulation of , disguised price increases still exist

“ The current selling price of the project ranges from 20000 yuan to 21000 yuan. We have a record that the online signing price cannot exceed 15000 yuan (limit), but please rest assured that for contracts exceeding this price, our developers will have a way to help you sign online& rdquo; In the Xiyu LANWAN project in Xianghe, the real estate salesperson admitted to the Beijing News reporter that Xianghe has a clear record price limit for the pre-sale price, but the actual sales price of the project is higher than the online signing price

in the large factories under the jurisdiction of Langfang, there is also a phenomenon that the sales price is higher than the record price

drive about 25 minutes from the center of Dachang county to the east area of San Rafael Town, which is located on the south side of Fuxi intersection of national highway 102. The salesperson said that at present, there are only stacked houses available for sale in this community. The house price is about 23000 yuan/square meter, bundled with fine decoration and parking spaces

“ The price of online signature filing of the project is more than 15000 yuan/square meter& rdquo; The salesperson said frankly, but in order to sign online, the buyer needs to sign a purchase contract with a unit price of 15000 yuan, and for the remaining price of 8000 yuan per square meter, the buyer needs to make up in the decoration contract, “ The decoration contract is signed separately, and the decoration needs to be paid in full &rdquo

in fact, it is not only a new house, but also a second-hand house operated by a local intermediary “ Two contracts ” Realize the transaction

prosperous age · Shangshui city is located at the intersection of Dachang Beichen East Street and Yong'an Road. When the reporter went to consult as a buyer, the staff of the project sales office said that the current project has existing houses, but it has not yet opened

however, the staff member later told the reporter that he had a house with an area of about 98 square meters, which had been in the house for two years. The transaction can be concluded at 16800 yuan per square meter. At present, the online signing price of Dachang is about 15000 yuan per square meter. The part exceeding the online signing price needs to be supplemented with the cash house payment, and the part exceeding the online signing price cannot be loaned. According to the area of 98 square meters, the reporter needs to make up more than 170000 yuan in cash

later, the reporter came to jiayilidu community at the intersection of Rongchang road and Beixin street in Dachang. The salesperson said that the community was still under construction, and the opening date was not determined, so the opening price was not determined temporarily

“ The houses in Jiayi Lidu community that opened in advance have been sold out, and the current market price is about 20000 yuan per square meter. If you want to buy a house here, we can operate. If the price of the house exceeds the registered online signing price, we will find a way to sign it online& rdquo; A nearby intermediary staff told reporters

Cangzhou recorded a unit price of 5000 yuan and sold more than 10000

in the warming tide around the Beijing property market since last year, a similar phenomenon of disguised price increases has also spread to Cangzhou, which is far away from Beijing

On the morning of June 26, the reporter came to Cangzhou, more than 200 kilometers away from Beijing. At the Poly Garden Sales Office at the intersection of Yingbin Avenue and Yongji road in the Canal District, the staff told reporters that the houses opened in the early stage of the project have been sold out and will be opened in the near future& ldquo; The price of the house opened in May is about 8400 yuan/square meter. The binding decoration is 3000 yuan/square meter, and the binding decoration is about 130000 yuan/square meter. The decoration and parking space need to be paid in full. The final calculated actual transaction price is more than 10000 yuan& rdquo;

in addition, the staff also told reporters that at present, in the card arrangement process of the project, because many customers did not get the number in May, it is necessary to “ buy a suitable house at the next opening; Find the relationship and operate in advance ”, Otherwise, it is difficult to shake the number

after that, the reporter met with a “ Internal personnel ” Get in touch. This “ Insiders ” Then he told the reporter that if you give him 130000 yuan and provide his ID card number and name row number, you can buy one “ Reliable internal number &rdquo

at the deadline, the reporter received a call from the salesperson of the project saying that the project will open in the past two days, and the house price will basically remain at 8400 yuan/square meter, but the parking space price is expected to rise by 10000 or 20000 yuan, while “ Internal number ” It has also risen from 130000 yuan to 160000 yuan

coincidentally. At the Sales Office of Taihang Jiafu project, the staff also said that the project will open in about two months, and the price of rough houses will be more than 10000& ldquo; (when signing the contract), we sign two contracts. One is the contract displayed according to the online signing filing price, in order to sign online. The other is the contract actually concluded. In order to level the market price difference, developers also have to make money& rdquo;

the reporter came to the intersection of Qiantong Avenue and Baichuan road in Cangzhou City “ Cangxing Yipin ” Community, salesperson introduction, “ The price of the community is more than 21000 per square meter, with hardcover and home appliances, and two 150000 parking spaces are bound. Decoration and parking spaces will not be written in the filing contract. The online signature filing price shows more than 10000& rdquo;

“ Cangzhou housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau stipulates that the filing online signing price is more than 5000 per square meter. If you buy a 100 square meter house in Cangzhou, you will pay more than 100000 down payment. However, Poly Garden opened in May, but it stipulates that buyers need to bring 600000 yuan for capital verification before they can participate in the lottery, and the down payment is probably more than 600000 yuan. Cangzhou individual projects actually have to pay more than 1 million down payment& rdquo; A person from Cangzhou real estate industry told reporters

he said that it is conservatively estimated that the houses with 8000 yuan/m2 in Cangzhou urban area in the same period last year can now be sold for 15000 yuan/m2. Now, the insiders get the house from Poly Garden at 8400 yuan/square meter, and then sell it in the name of second-hand house at 13000 yuan/square meter. It is difficult for buyers who just need it to buy a house at a reasonable price

the reporter has contacted the relevant person in charge of Cangzhou housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau of Hebei Province for many times. A staff member surnamed Wang of the Bureau replied that according to the regulations, houses in Cangzhou urban area that exceed 5000 per square meter cannot be recorded, and it is absolutely not allowed to resell house purchase numbers. At present, all houses sold by Poly Garden have not been recorded by relevant departments

hidden risks and great difficulties in safeguarding rights

in fact, cases of disguised price increases through bundling fine decoration, parking spaces and other means are not limited to the above areas. In May, Qingdao once expressly prohibited the price increase of bundled parking spaces in disguised form. On June 27, Henan also mentioned in the new deal of the real estate market that enterprises must disclose the price of each set of houses for sale at one time, and strictly implement the clearly marked price and “ One price ” System, it is not allowed to use false or misleading price forms to trick consumers into trading with them, it is not allowed to charge extra price fees in any form, it is not allowed to bundle parking spaces and set other additional conditions

even if regulatory policies are constantly introduced, this behavior is still repeated, and hidden risks

lawyer fan Chen, senior partner of Beijing Jingshi law firm, believes that signing yin-yang contracts can generally be done superficially through the online signing process of real estate transactions, and some tax burdens can be avoided, but there are great legal risks for both buyers and sellers. For the buyer, if the price and payment terms cannot be determined as the expression of true intention, some terms (especially the price terms) may not be binding and the contract cannot be performed. In addition, there will be the risk of being unable to obtain high loans and resell to bear high costs. For the seller, the sales contract will have the legal risk of invalidity, and the house payment cannot be recovered in full

Lawyer fan Chen also said that the signing of the yin yang contract was a serious violation of China's tax law. After verification, the administrative organ has the right to impose administrative penalties such as fines and detention if it belongs to general tax evasion; If the amount of tax evasion is large and the number of times is large, it may constitute a crime

with regard to the disguised price increase in the property market around Beijing, Yan Yuejin, research director of the think tank center of E-House Research Institute, said that there are all kinds of marginal practices in the Hebei market, that is, the pre-sale price is a price, but the sales office will continue to charge fees privately or even publicly. Doing so will bring about two phenomena. First, there is a great difference between the price of online signing and the actual payment price, which affects the data judgment. Second, it is more difficult for property buyers to safeguard their rights,





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