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Everyone must be familiar with beautiful seam. Beautiful seam refers to an embellishment process for the processing and beautification of the cracks of wall and floor tiles. The most common beautiful seam product is beautiful seam agent. In addition, there are seam filler, porcelain leveling and real porcelain glue

everyone must be familiar with beautiful seam. Beautiful seam refers to an embellishment process for the processing and beautification of wall and floor tile seams. The most common beautiful seam product is beautiful seam agent. In addition, there are seam filler, porcelain leveling and real porcelain glue

the effect of caulking agent is the worst; Porcelain leveling is more applicable to the gap larger than 1.5mm, and the scope of application is relatively small; The price of real porcelain glue is too expensive, and it is generally used in high-end public spaces. Therefore, I will discuss with you how to achieve the perfect sewing effect of the most commonly used sewing agent

first of all, the process steps should be accurate, and the basic points can also be taken into account. This is also very clear to everyone:

1 - clean the surface and cracks of ceramic tiles

(use art knife, pointing knife or electric joint cleaning cone)


2- paste masking paper

(try to fit the edge and tear it off after completion)

(there is also a kind of wax called masking wax, which is more convenient than masking paper ▽)


3- install the sealant

(install the sealant on the glue gun)


4- start to sew with glue gun

(try to align the gap when driving)


5- flattening treatment to ensure flatness and beauty

(generally use the sewing ball ▽)

(use the sewing tool ▽ at the internal and external corners)


6- clean up the excess stitching agent and tear off the textured paper.

(it usually needs to be dried for 1 day after stitching, and then the excess stitching agent can be cleaned up and the textured paper can be torn off)

but as long as the standard stitching process like the above is achieved, is it OK

not at all. In order to get a perfect beautiful joint effect, in addition to the most basic beautiful joint construction, we should also consider the following issues >& gt;

1> We must choose high-quality sewing agent and glue gun

the quality of sewing agent is poor. At first, it looks good after the completion of sewing, but after a long time, it will not dry out until it collapses

the glue gun is of poor quality, and there may be beautiful stitches. Halfway through the process, the beautiful stitching agent will not come out, which will be very annoying, or a lot of glue will be sprayed suddenly, which will be sad &hellip

therefore, the glue gun must be of good quality and evenly produced. It is best to test it first

2> Squeeze out some of the two-component stitching agent first

for the two-component stitching agent, the two materials in the bottle are separated up and down, and they are mixed at the glue nozzle during extrusion, so the stitching agent extruded at the beginning has not been mixed well, and it is difficult to dry out, and the effect is not good. Do not use it for stitching

3> Many people know this, but they may think it is all because of beauty. In fact, this requirement for beauty sewing is far more than beauty, because once you do floor beauty sewing, you will find how important this is

let's first look at the following two pictures ▼

because the beautiful seams are not flattened and smoothed, and the floor itself has a lot of hollowness, so over time, the beautiful seams of the whole floor will peel off

4> Pay attention to the time of beautiful sewing

pay attention to three points about the time of beautiful sewing:

? Wait for the tiles to dry thoroughly before they can be beautifully sewn

it is absolutely not allowed to do beautifully sewn within 24 hours after the tiles are paved, because the tiles have just been paved, and they are not completely dry, and the cracks are wet. The wet environment is not conducive to the bonding of the sealant, and the moisture is sealed inside after the beauty sewn. After a long time, the beauty sewn will change color because of the moisture, become dirty, ugly, and some will even become moldy and crack

therefore, we must wait until the tile seam is dry before beautifying the seam. Generally, it is 2 or 3 days later, and it will take longer in rainy days. In addition, we also have requirements for room temperature, which should be kept at 5-30 ℃, otherwise the effect of beautifying the seam will be affected

to be on the safe side, it's best to beautify the seam after the ceramic tile is pasted for a week. At this time, the seam is almost dry, so the bonding between the beautifying agent and the seam will be better and not easy to fall off

pay attention to rainy days here, because the air humidity is high in rainy days. If the floor heating window is not closed after the beauty sewing, condensate will be generated after the night, so be sure to close the window when the beauty sewing is in rainy days. At this time, you can use a hair dryer or a hot-air gun to dry the gap. You should also dry the gap in time if you are not careful about getting wet at ordinary times, because the beauty sewing will turn white after being wet and solidified, Like the following, the original golden beauty sewing agent turns white into dirty gray pink ▼

therefore, it is suggested that beauty sewing should be carried out on sunny days as far as possible

? When the furniture is moved into the beautiful seam

Beautiful seam, there should be no furniture at home. Wait until the beautiful seam is dry, and then move the furniture in, because when there is furniture, the beautiful seam is easy to accumulate dust, which will make the beautiful seam very dirty, and the removal of furniture during the beautiful seam will inevitably damage the beautiful seam

? When painting or pasting the wall paper, it will produce a lot of garbage. If painting or pasting the wall paper is done before painting or pasting the wall paper, the paint or wallpaper glue will inevitably drip on the beautiful seam. Cleaning is very troublesome, and it will also damage the beautiful seam to a certain extent

these are the problems that are easy to be ignored when sewing beautifully. Therefore, it is not only good sewing technology, but also good sewing effect. We should also consider factors such as sewing time. Only by considering these comprehensively, can sewing be perfect





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