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Now many people can afford to buy a house, but they have greatly discounted the decoration and design, just thinking that their decoration costs can be cheaper

now many people can afford to buy houses, but they have greatly discounted the decoration and design, just thinking that their decoration costs can be cheaper. However, in the face of such problems, various decoration companies also think of many ways to "set meal" customers. To this end, I would like to remind friends who want to decorate the house of the following points:

first, you don't have to find acquaintances for decoration, but you must find a qualified designer majoring in architectural decoration design in a regular university for design, and you must have a mature design case. In the design reference stage, you should have your own subjective ideas, and you can't let the designers manipulate your space

second, for the designed scheme. If you want to find a regular construction company, don't look for guerrillas or companies that have just started, because as a home, the first thing I consider is safety, and a regular construction company can ensure the reliability of customers

third, we must pay attention to the selection of materials. Prevent internal and external collusion between companies or employees. As well as the surrounding problem of materials, it will take 15 years for regular and qualified plates to meet the requirements of surrounding zero pollution. Therefore, there are no qualified building and decoration materials in the market now. Those who say that they are in line with international zero pollution propaganda are deceiving consumers, which is an obvious violation of China's consumer law. The corresponding legal responsibilities should be investigated

IV. when signing an agreement or contract with the company, we should carefully consider the budget Especially the budget of hydropower

v. hydropower problems. As the saying goes, "fire and water are merciless". Yes, if there is a safety problem in this item, then our life safety will not be guaranteed. In addition, when the company makes the budget, it says that the hydropower project will be settled according to the actual quantities, but I can think of it this way: This is a lie made up by some companies before they get more costs, but we must make the cost budget of hydropower projects clear

VI. wait until everything is ready. We should consider the final warranty issue. The relevant national laws stipulate that the warranty of buildings is lifelong, that is, the construction unit can not guarantee the building until the building is scrapped. The regulation of decoration and other industries is that the warranty period is three years, that is to say, during the three-year period, free door-to-door warranty services are provided because the owner's house is not artificially damaged. As for those companies that say that the five-year warranty is just a scam, such companies should not choose




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