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When we enter a family during the decoration of the porch, we first see the scene, so the quality of the decoration of the porch determines the impression of a family in our team at the first moment, and also reflects the taste of the owner to a certain extent. Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will share with you a group of excellent porch design renderings

the first thing you see when you enter the door is the dark green interior background wall decoration, which injects vitality and vitality into life like the green grass in the outside nature. Moreover, green is the most healthy and environmentally friendly color. Such indoor background wall decoration is more conducive to life health. The large mirror decorated with color mosaic is installed above the small and exquisite shoe cabinet in the entrance porch, which not only provides convenience for life, but also becomes the best place for shoes, exquisite and practical. Recommended reading: effect pictures of living room porch ceiling in different styles

the decoration of the off white porch ceiling lays a simple and quiet sky. The decoration of the porch floor with black-and-white patterns is in contrast to the plain and clean overhead, highlighting a simple, bright and clean beauty. The black overall shoe cabinet is placed against the porch background wall, and the long strip design provides sufficient internal space without taking up too much space in the effect drawing of small house decoration. It is the most classic choice for small house decoration design. Moreover, such a flat cabinet design of the shoe cabinet effect drawing at the entrance porch can also act as a storage cabinet, adding storage functions to the effect drawing of small household decoration

the effect drawing of mahogany entrance porch shoe cabinet is consistent with the material style of the door, and the warm and quiet of solid wood adds a natural flavor to the effect drawing of small house decoration. Moreover, on the surface of the shoe cabinet at the entrance porch, hollowed out patterns are carved, exquisite and beautiful. Coupled with the hollowed out solid wood partition behind the porch shoe cabinet, it forms the most interesting scenic spot in the decoration design drawing of the whole porch, so that we can feel the ancient and elegant flavor of life in the fashionable modern life

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