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Emulex cooperates with VMware to optimize vxlan performance

a previous article on emulex virtual network extensibility (vnex) explained how hardware offload can effectively improve the network throughput of the virtual network architecture (vnf) and reduce CPU consumption. At the vmworld 2013 exhibition, emulex announced that it would soon launch vnex that supports vSphere 5.5, providing the uninstall function for vnf based on virtual extensible local area network (vxlan)

vxlan -- Virtual extensible local area (as defined in the RFC) defines how to build a virtual network in the vSphere environment. Vnf creates a virtual network infrastructure on which virtual machines (VMS) can be created and moved without any restrictions as in traditional network architectures

vnf creates a new data center network paradigm, which changes the rules of the game in terms of liberating the flexibility and adaptive ability of server virtualization, so that users can manage and configure the network as easily as virtual servers

emulex brings the first hardware uninstallation, which will be integrated into the new vSphere 5.5. This function is very important because we need to ensure that the virtual network is as fast as possible. 3. all pipeline systems run as fast as possible with non soldering connections, and at the same time, we need to free up as much memory and CPU resources as possible to support more VMS

emulex has previously conducted engineering tests on the performance improvement of vxlan hardware uninstallation. The data are shown in the following table:

note: the above test results are only the quality grade of each batch of ex factory products is comprehensively determined as a qualitative description according to the inspection results of ex factory inspection items and frost resistance inspection results, and the results change with VM density, server configuration and other test parameters. Formal test results will be provided later

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under the given traffic mode, VM workload and server CPU utilization, we see that the throughput has increased by up to 130%. The throughput is improved because vxlan processing is unloaded to the stateless unloading function provided by emulex vnex technology, which reduces CPU utilization

in the previous article, we pointed out that when the NIC offload function is turned off, the network throughput decreases by 27%. This means that VM density may also decrease by 27%, a significant decrease. So emulex and VMware are working together to solve this performance problem. The solution improves system performance by adding additional NIC offload capabilities

emulex has announced the launch of vnex technology, which is used to solve these problems and provide the best performance for virtual networks. Emulex virtual network offload technology provides the following functions:

1 Send

a. check and calculate the ipv4/ipv6 and TCP payloads (internal and external)

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o V1 and v2

2 Receive


b. check and verify ipv4/ipv6 and TCP payloads (internal and external)

3 And the emulex virtual network offload technology for vxlan

the following figure shows an illustration of the emulex virtual network offload Technology:

NIC optimization for vxlan can effectively improve performance. Vxlan is an excellent solution for building vnf, and emulex's virtual network offload technology can provide the following advantages:

1 Increase VM density in vSphere 5.5 environment

2 Improve network throughput

3 Reduce CPU utilization while implementing vxlan

emulex is a leader in vnf technology for vSphere 5.5 and VMware vswitch. We hope to provide more evidence to show the many benefits that virtual network offload technology can provide when vswitch is attached to vSphere 5.5

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