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Teiren expects that carbon fiber technology will promote the sales of parts and components. The support of the policy is a beneficial guarantee for the development of recycled plastic granulators. Teiren expects that the sales of carbon fiber parts will increase to 200billion yen (about US $2.6 billion) in 2020 because automobile manufacturers are looking for lightweight parts to be used to produce energy-efficient vehicles

Yasunari hotani, executive general manager of carbon fiber parts of Toho Tenax, a wholly-owned subsidiary of teiren, said that carbon fiber technology has not made a great contribution to the company's sales at present, but carbon fiber parts will be widely used in the automotive industry in the next few years

hotani said that Teijin aims to supply carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic parts to 1million vehicles by 2020. As early as the beginning of this month, teiren has signed a cooperation agreement with general motors, a company with a very decadent prospect. The two sides plan to jointly develop carbon fiber parts

other automobile manufacturers, such as BMW and Daimler, believe that carbon fiber parts can help improve fuel efficiency. The market is prosperous and meet strict emission standards. In the past, automobile manufacturers did not use carbon fiber material, mainly because it requires a long drying time, which is different from the production pace of the whole assembly line. What is the specific process of metal tensile test? To

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