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Epirix helped CEHE confidently migrate to five9 cloud call center software

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cti Forum () news on January 26 (compiler/old Qin): epirix (R), a provider of end-to-end test automation, network and service performance monitoring, assurance and analysis, announced that CEHE chose epirix to verify the effectiveness of their migration to five9 and uploading to the upper computer, An integrated cloud contact center solution

CEHE is a non-profit educational institution that provides flexible, career focused degree programs for non-traditional students. They are moving all employees to a home office mode and want to ensure that their new five9 contact center system can work normally

er, CEO of CEHE, helps to meet the challenges in the new commercial aviation field and maintain competitiveness. IC juhlin is committed to excellence. He requires a comprehensive end-to-end test to confirm the interoperability with the five9api, and sends call routes, voice quality and connection stability to remote employees working from home to the five9 cloud

this was the most successful deployment of all the systems I participated in. Shane Triplett, administrator of CEHE dialer, said: Historically, our testing work has been to manually establish long positions in Shanghai Futures Exchange. The results are inaccurate and we do not trust it. Empirix completed the test in the same time as we needed to create a manual test plan

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