The hottest empty bottle detector adopts hygienic

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The empty bottle detection machine has taken another big step forward in the research and development of empty bottle detection technology by Krones, the leader of the relevant departments of Jiangxi Province of health facilities. The linear compact linatronic 735 has the advantages of modular structure and low cost. When there are too many oxide scales, it not only meets the market demand, but also improves the old electronic system and mechanical structure. It has new software that can identify objects and further effectively prevent the occurrence of error exclusion containers. In addition, the new style of "full front" sidewall detection technology will be displayed for the first time. With its function, the detector can not only identify the scratch on the surface of the empty bottle, but also effectively check the stains behind the friction ring. This new type of detector is the first time to adopt sanitary design

with iris technology, customers can also enjoy the remote service provided by Krones, which is remotely checked by a client computer. The working efficiency of the machine remains unchanged and can reach 72000 bottles per hour

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