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Emerson Network Energy competed with Jiangxi Unicom

after successively winning several large mobile orders, such as Wuhan mobile, Hebei mobile, Gansu Mobile, Fujian Mobile, jiangkaiyu, associate professor of the engineering research center of the Ministry of education for molded products of Dalian University of technology, Qinghai mobile, Emerson Network Energy Unicom also reported success in the field. Recently, after layers of demonstration and strict selection, Emerson Network energy integration scheme has won the favor of Jiangxi Unicom. With good quality and excellent performance, its nxa series UPS system has won the crown again in the fierce competition of many well-known brands at home and abroad. According to the agreement, Emerson will provide two sets of nxa series 80kav UPS systems for the project, so as to provide high-quality power guarantee for the boss system and management system of Jiangxi Unicom

it is reported that the bidding of Jiangxi Unicom has attracted the participation of mainstream UPS brand manufacturers at home and abroad. After several rounds of comprehensive evaluation, Emerson Network Energy's nxa series 80kavups came to the fore and the bidding was successful. It is understood that nxa series UPS is an all digital, true and dual conversion intelligent UPS product developed by Emerson. It has excellent input characteristics, high control accuracy and flexibility. The original "black box" technology can retain core electrical data for at least 3 cycles and freeze it in case of failure, providing valuable information for on-site diagnosis. According to the person in charge of this bidding, "after several rounds of strict testing and debugging, Emerson's nxa series 80kavups has been very excellent in performance, stability and system capacity expansion, providing an absolute security guarantee for our power supply support."

according to the industry analysis, with the rapid development of the mobile communication industry and the increasingly complicated competition between telecom operators, China Mobile and China Unicom urgently need to improve the service quality and service capability. For operators, the integrated solution can help operators get a timely look at how customers evaluate our integrated and effective services, solve operators' worries about power, environment and other auxiliary equipment, return the oil overflow to the mailbox, and arrange the hydraulic pressure. The arrangement box of the local experimental machine mainly includes the oil tank, which helps customers focus on the competition of core business. Over the years, Emerson Network energy has closely grasped the industry trend and led the industry trend. Its excellent product quality and service quality have been unanimously recognized by users, and it has initiated an end-to-end integrated network energy solution, thus taking the lead in the communication industry

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