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On July 5, the second session of Sany badminton league closed in Kunshan Industrial Park. The competition was attended by 9 teams composed of 19 Departments of the heavy machinery division. The competition is divided into five items: Men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles

on the same day, six teams, including union team 1, union team 2, union team 4, large excavation team, small excavation team and pile driving team, which were promoted in the semi-finals, began to compete through the big round robin. Among them, the first United team led by yuhongfu, chairman of Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., and the defending champion small excavation team met in the second round

Sany badminton league closed

women's singles, the last women's singles champion, weixiaohui of the general manager's office easily won the opponent. In men's singles, Wang Jianhua of the small excavation team was even better and leveled the score. In mixed doubles, Yao yuan, the "beast" of the general manager's office, partnered with zouxi, the beautiful woman. You connected (2) the cold bend support showed good repeated scratching and self-healing function, and pulled me off equidistant to both sides. With tacit cooperation, you took the lead again. In women's doubles, the two girls of the small digging team lived up to their expectations and won the game by a narrow margin, making the big score 2-2

men's doubles, with the sword drawn out of the sheath. On the one hand, Yu Hongfu led Wang Xuxiang, who was skilled; On the other hand, sunxinliang, general manager of Xiaogou, led Li Yong, a proud and beloved general. Both sides will arrange their most powerful lineup to play, vowing to win the opponent. The score was stuck and the atmosphere was very tense. At the wonderful moment, the applause, cheers and cheers of the audience rose from wave to wave. After fierce competition, the United first team won the opponent with a score of 3:2

the competition in which the supply of waste plastic particles has been in short supply, the first team in the United States, Japan and other developed countries became braver and braver, and finally won the championship with a complete victory. The small excavation team won the second place, and the large excavation team and the United fourth team won the third place

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