Collection of decoration renderings of Yintai Yuhu

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Before decoration, the owners will consider the decoration style. Most owners have a vague concept of decoration style, and it is difficult to feel its actual effect only from the text introduction of decoration style. Browsing the decoration effect drawings of various styles has become a method for many owners to determine the decoration style. Today's Xiaobian takes Yintai Yuhuayuan as an example to share several sets of decoration effect drawings

household type: three bedrooms and two halls

decoration style: Modern and simple

decoration method: all inclusive

Design Description: in this case, the study is designed as an open study to create a good area of interaction with family members. Cater to the life preferences of the host. Change the bathroom of the master bedroom into a cloakroom to solve the problem of small master bedroom space. The theme tone is mainly light coffee, which is matched with mirror coffee mosaic to brighten the color of the whole space

household type: three bedrooms and two halls

decoration style: European and American style

decoration method: all inclusive

Design Description: the magnificent adventure of European style can make people enjoy luxury, and it can also make people wander on European beaches. The design of every place, It is to make the home closer to your dream

household type: three bedrooms and two halls

decoration style: pastoral style

decoration method: all inclusive

Style Description: pastoral style shows the flavor of the countryside through decoration, but the countryside here is not a rural garden, but a style close to nature and yearning for nature. The pastoral style advocates "returning to nature". The pastoral style strives to express the leisure, comfortable and natural taste of rural life. In the pastoral style, roughness and breakage are allowed, because only then can it be closer to nature

in addition to personal preferences, the budget also needs to be considered when choosing a decoration style. Different decoration styles will show great differences in costs. Enter the decoration bidding page, you can also get 3 to 4 copies of your house decoration design and quotation scheme for free, so that you can make an all-round comparison and choose the best decoration scheme




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