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In recent years, the cases of home decoration rights protection complaints have shown an increasing trend. Many consumers do not have a correct understanding of the decoration contract, and the current domestic home decoration market is not standardized, which is an area in urgent need of consumer rights protection. The most important thing to safeguard the rights of home decoration is the decoration contract. On this occasion, friends who are preparing to decorate come to see the precautions about the decoration contract

◆ legal society is inseparable from the contract. Decoration contract is very important

the owner of the first decoration will often leave many regrets after the decoration of the house. The biggest reason for these regrets is that the owners did not make sufficient knowledge preparation in advance, thus falling into various decoration traps of the decoration company. To avoid this problem, the key is the decoration contract

decoration contract is a contract signed for house decoration. This contract is an agreement reached by both parties on matters related to the employer's home room decoration project on the basis of equality, voluntariness and consensus, in accordance with the contract law of the people's Republic of China and relevant laws and regulations, in combination with the actual situation of the home room decoration project construction. www.jiazhuang6. COM, the most professional home decoration portal

the main purpose of signing decoration contracts is to clarify responsibilities. Decoration contract is the binding certificate of home decoration quality, the guarantee to avoid home decoration disputes, and an important weapon for owners to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests

1. Decoration contract signing process. Understanding the decoration signing can help us not be in a passive position at the beginning. The process of signing decoration contract is generally as follows: intention &mdash& mdash; Design confirmation &mdash& mdash; Budget submission &mdash& mdash; Total price confirmation &mdash& mdash; Quality &mdash& mdash; Duration &mdash& mdash; Payment &mdash& mdash; Contract responsibility confirmation &mdash& mdash; Effective upon signature

2. The signing of decoration contracts should not be urgent. Decoration contract is the most important legal document in decoration engineering. When all the designs and project budgets are negotiated, signing the decoration contract is a procedure that must be performed before the decoration starts. Many consumers began to be impatient when facing signing contracts, hoping to sign contracts with decoration companies as soon as possible and enter the construction stage as soon as possible. However, it is suggested that consumers should not be in a hurry to sign a contract. They need to understand all aspects well, negotiate the design and budget before signing a contract, so as to prevent losses

3. Check whether the procedures of the decoration company are complete. A business license is necessary for a legally operated decoration company. Now many companies have opened branches. For such companies, we should also check whether the other party has a power of attorney. Remind never to talk about home improvement projects with people who only have a copy of their business license, because no one knows whether it is true or not

◆ avoid being fooled into seeing through the decoration contract.

don't think you can rest assured with a contract. In fact, there are also some hidden loopholes and traps in the contract of the decoration company, which may make the owner become the victim of decoration. Next, we will list the five traps and Countermeasures implied in the installation contract one by one. All owners should be careful when decorating

trap 1: the process description is ambiguous. When the decoration company or foreman quotes, because the owner will pay more attention to the price of individual items, he often ignores the process description, especially the material, specification, grade and due description. One owner complained that he didn't understand anything at that time. Fuzzy words were used in the quotation given by the decoration company and foreman, such as: big core version for cabinet body and cabinet frame, solid wood edging, cement, brush interface agent, paper gypsum board cover, etc., which were all traps

trap 2: do tricks on a single area. General owners also pay attention to the price of individual items. As for the actual area, it is generally estimated. In fact, this area is also the place for decoration companies or foremen. If the area of each item is slightly increased, and the price of individual items is high, then at least a few hundred, or more than a few thousand will go out. After the individual price is negotiated, we must measure the area and size of the individual with the decoration company or foreman, and write it down and implement it on paper, so as to avoid wrangling over the size of the area and size at that time




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