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The year 2010 is the beginning of another decade for China in the 21st century and a critical period for the transformation of the global low-carbon economy. Great progress has been made in the intensive development of kitchen and bathroom industry

2010 is the beginning of another decade in China in the 21st century and a critical period for the transformation of the global low-carbon economy. The intensive development of kitchen and bathroom industry has made great progress& ldquo; However, face ‘ Blowout ’ The quality demand of the market, kitchen and bathroom in ‘ Energy saving &rsquo& lsquo; Environmental protection &rsquo& lsquo; Health &rsquo& lsquo; Safety &rsquo& lsquo; After sales ’ And other aspects are not up to standard& rdquo; Director Li of the Organizing Committee of China International cabinet, kitchen and bathroom products and Technology Expo (cikb) said

2009 central economic work conference clearly requires that the focus of economic work in 2010 is “ Adjust structure and promote consumption ”. And put “ Strive to promote industrial optimization and upgrading and the development of strategic emerging industries ” As an important part of accelerating the transformation of economic development mode. As one of the industries involving people's livelihood, kitchen and bathroom will assume greater responsibility in the process of industrial structure adjustment

although we have entered the post crisis era and the export situation has improved, we should be sober. Europe and the United States not only use the financial crisis to initiate trade protection. While Chinese products with good quality and low price are exported overseas, there is always a certain gap between the quality control and the high standards of Europe and the United States. Only by improving relevant standards and improving product quality can China's kitchen and bathroom industry fundamentally open up overseas market channels

the adjustment of kitchen and bathroom industrial structure is a systematic project, which requires the joint efforts of all entities in the industrial chain and the balanced development of all links. Director Li of cikb Organizing Committee believes: “ In recent years, as a bridge and link between the government and enterprises, between enterprises and between upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, kitchen and bathroom industry organizations, especially industry base industry associations and chambers of Commerce, have played an obvious role in promoting industrial innovation, technological progress, industrial upgrading and product upgrading, as well as promoting the healthy, sustainable and rapid development of the industry. They will still play an important role in this round of industrial restructuring& rdquo;

As one of the most influential professional exhibitions in the kitchen and bathroom industry, cikb was first held in 2000 and has been held in Shanghai since 2003. Each session, “ Valve capital of China ” Zhejiang Yuhuan, “ China hardware industry base ” Guangdong Xiaolan, “ China kitchen and bathroom accessories industry base ” Zhejiang Fenghua, “ Capital of kitchen utensils in China ” Shengzhou, Zhejiang, “ Capital of gas appliances in China ” Guangdong Shunde and other base industry groups have organized member units to collectively participate in the exhibition. The enterprise carries the latest products, through the unified packaging and publicity of industry organizations, establishes a strong brand image, competes with peers at home and abroad, shows unique advantages in supporting, logistics, technology and other aspects, and has won the favor of professional audiences at home and abroad

Haier is a loyal customer of cikb. Zhou Yunjie, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of the group, said frankly that in the process of Chinese brand development, it is impossible to rely on the efforts of a certain enterprise, and it must be a famous brand enterprise group

it is reported that cikb’ The event will be held from September 28 to 30 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. At present, cikb organizing committee is communicating with kitchen and bathroom industry organizations in Shunde, Xiamen, Kaiping, Heshan, Nan'an, Wenzhou, Yuyao, Xiaoshan and other places to discuss group promotion. Director Li of cikb organizing committee said that industrial adjustment is not overnight. As an enterprise “ Trade, exchange and make friends ” The platform will work closely with other organizations in the industry to jointly promote the development of the kitchen and bathroom industry





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