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On March 25 and 26, "2017 new sail and new leap" vipsy held a two-day and one night dealer skills improvement training meeting in Guangzhou fengjingyuan hotel

on March 25 and 26, "2017 new sail and new leap" vipsy held a two-day and one night dealer skills improvement training meeting in Guangzhou fengjingyuan Hotel, with the participation of dealers, excellent designers and shopping guide representatives from all over the country. At this conference, vebers also released a series of new products of "American countryside"

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it is reported that this training meeting is mainly for outstanding designers and shopping guide representatives in various stores, and the training content covers store drawing design, VR software operation, workshop process optimization and other aspects. Through the above training, we can achieve the objectives of optimizing customer service quality, strengthening brand awareness, and promoting sales expectations

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at the training meeting, Chen jiehang, general manager of vipsy whole house customization, expressed his attitude: this year is the second dealer conference held by vipsy. The starting point of this kind of meeting is to show that vipsy pays more attention to "attracting investment" and "protecting business". Vipassy will train talents for various positions in the store at the regular dealer conference to achieve the goal of ultimately improving performance. At present, vipsy has opened more than 100 franchised stores nationwide and cultivated nearly 20 large stores with a single store turnover of more than 3million. At the meeting, general manager Chen jiehang also introduced a new business model to the dealers: Based on the specialty of customized wardrobe, vipsy will integrate five supporting product factories within this year to provide consumers with "carry in" services through the combination with other brands

customers watch the "American style" new products

in addition, general manager Chen jiehang also talked about the strategic considerations of vebers' transformation to full house customization. He said that as a customized brand that has been established for more than ten years, vibes has witnessed the strong atmosphere of customized home furnishings in the past two years, and has also noticed the changes in the market demand for "one-stop shopping". Based on this change in market demand and consumer groups, vipsy officially decided to change from wardrobe to full house customization this year

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after the meeting, the relevant person in charge of viper poetry also accepted the media interview

general manager Chen jiehang said in an interview with the media: with the upgrading of brand strategy, vipsy has also made a comprehensive deployment for this year's work. Next, the company will focus on strengthening team building, customer service and design, after-sales, team cohesion, capacity expansion and other aspects. These reforms will comprehensively improve the whole house customization of vebes in 2017

it is understood that in addition to the addition of production lines and the expansion of plants, vipassy will also complete the improvement of the appearance of the whole workshop. This series of work will be completed in May and June this year

according to Wang Lei, planning director of vipsy, the release of the "American countryside" series of new products symbolizes the official implementation of the whole house customization strategy of vipsy

factory director Wang Hongwei told the media: the addition and rectification of production lines will effectively promote the quality, output and appearance of products, and make the workers in the workshop have a cleaner and more comfortable working environment. After a series of transformations, the delivery cycle of vebers will be shortened from 15 days to less than 12 days, and the accuracy of products will also be increased to more than 95%

brand profile:

vebos vebos is a brand of Guangzhou vebos Furniture Co., Ltd. founded in 2005. Our company integrates R & D, design, production and marketing. It is a professional overall wardrobe production and sales enterprise in China

for more than ten years, vebers wardrobe has won the titles of "China's famous brand", "green environmental protection product", "demonstration unit with double guarantee of quality and reputation", "China's top ten brands of overall wardrobe" and many design patents. We adhere to the design concept of "health, environmental protection, fashion and practicality", and the concept of professional management, innovative spirit and cooperation, so as to build the enterprise into a modern large-scale enterprise group and maximize the interests of shareholders and society. Meet the needs of different people for the diversification of home life and the rational use of space. The design adapted to local conditions has won high praise from customers; Similarly, in related fields, clothing, footwear access, item display and other aspects also make full and rational use of space, personalized and creative, to meet the needs of consumer groups for humanized and personalized home furnishings. The company has a perfect organizational structure and operation process, vigorously introduces talents, and constantly improves the company's management culture system. Strive for quality, innovate and improve, provide satisfactory products to consumers, and be a brand that consumers are satisfied with





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