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The development of integrated wardrobe in the household industry is "at its peak", and customized integrated wardrobe is gradually replacing the traditional finished wardrobe into thousands of households

the development of integrated wardrobe is "at the peak" in the household industry, and customized integrated wardrobe is gradually replacing traditional finished wardrobe into thousands of households

there is a very obvious difference between this new customized overall wardrobe and the traditional finished wardrobe: customized overall wardrobe pays attention to customization. It can meet the needs of customers 100% and make full use of effective space. With professional and careful design, it is equipped with all kinds of high-quality, fashionable and practical hardware accessories, and skillfully matches some actual functional partitions to build a personalized Fashionable customized integrated wardrobe

the customized overall wardrobe is relatively more environmentally friendly than the traditional finished wardrobe. Meirice customized wardrobe adopts a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly manufacturing process, and strives to create a green and environmentally friendly home living environment for consumers. Melex adopts advanced production equipment in Germany to ensure an environment-friendly and safe production environment, help environmental protection production, and make products more environmentally friendly and green. In terms of base materials, melex customized wardrobe selects green and environmentally friendly production boards and other raw materials in strict accordance with international environmental protection standards, so as to ensure that consumers will not exceed the standard of formaldehyde and high pollutant emissions even when using melex products in a relatively closed environment, so as to provide consumers with a green and healthy home living environment

customized furniture for the whole house - give you a warm and comfortable home

10-year classic, quality assurance, brand trust. Meles has accumulated 10 years of production technology and operation experience, adhering to the fashionable and classic humanized design concept. In the process of the development of Meles, Meles' product design has always highlighted the perfect combination of original design and humanized creativity, strictly guarded every quality level, and guaranteed multiple inspection levels, so as to ensure that every product meets the high quality requirements

giving everyone a high-quality and perfect life is the highest service goal of Meles. It is also Meles' grasp of high-quality life, its unremitting pursuit of professional quality, and its new interpretation of the customized furniture of the whole house. Meles has been adhering to the spirit of daring to innovate and be bold in original creation, constantly innovating, professionally customizing wardrobes, being the first person to lead a fashionable and warm home life, and providing consumers with better customized services. Meles, your trusted brand of overall wardrobe

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