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How to use the decoration company to create paint marketing strategy

many people who have done paint business know that in addition to the agent is to develop customer volume, the main customers of paint shops are those who need to decorate their houses. In order to open the market, traditional paint shops usually spend money to invite people to new communities or distribute leaflets. In order to achieve the effect, salespeople are required to send leaflets to each place, which leads to many community owners coming home from work at night, I found that many leaflets were hung on the door of my home, and the last thing was to grab the garbage can. After all, there are often these kinds of leaflets. The owners have long been immune to these leaflets, and even have a mentality of resistance, and feel that these leaflets are boring

so the final result is that the money is spent and the leaflets are sent, but it has no effect. This is also a headache for many bosses, so when promoting, we must find those precise customers, that is, customers with needs. For paint stores, where can we have the precise customers we need? The answer is decoration companies. As the name suggests, people who go to decoration companies have decoration needs

indeed, it is a development trend for decoration companies to cooperate directly with raw material suppliers com。 Taking a paint brand as an example, their regular product knowledge training can improve the understanding of the construction personnel and designers of the decoration company on the paint products, effectively improve the construction technology, improve the final brushing effect, and simplify the construction cycle and product consumption. The brand brings rich owner service experience to the decoration company, and helps the decoration company to create a perfect home for the owner

according to insiders, direct cooperation with trusted paint manufacturers has reduced the selection cost and judgment risk of paint procurement for decoration companies, enhanced their comprehensive advantages such as environmental protection, and unified the quality and standards of decoration. In addition, a large number of advertisements by coating manufacturers have increased consumers' acceptance and trust in products, and virtually improved consumers' choice of decoration companies

for paint manufacturers, the cooperation between the two sides is also a rare good thing. As the downstream of paint manufacturers, decoration companies can undertake many home decoration projects and even projects. In the paint industry, there is a saying: those who win the decoration company win the world. After the coating enterprises have grown to a certain scale, it seems that their own channel construction alone can not keep up with the needs of enterprise development. At this time, they need to rely on external forces to improve and expand channels. The better external force is the decoration company. Then, paint manufacturers that expand their scale provide better services for decoration companies, forming a virtuous circle

such cooperation is also common in other industries. For example, in the communication industry, many mobile phone manufacturers and notebook manufacturers cooperate with China Mobile or China Unicom to expand the service area again with the help of broader sales channels; China Mobile and China Unicom are also willing to do so. If the quality of products provided by suppliers is guaranteed, they can get a better reputation and occupy a larger market share

then how to make the products in the decoration company

can you convey such a cooperative proposition with the decoration company here: as long as your company's customers can provide certain value products and services for free, for example, you can provide certain value services such as TV background wall. The reason for the decoration company is that its own products want to open the market. Instead of spending money on advertising, it's better to do real services to promote, because your services are provided free of charge, Therefore, there will be few decoration companies willing to cooperate

when providing customer service through the decoration company, because the effect has been done, the customer can see the intuitive effect, so at this time, recommend the whole house to the customer to use this paint, and the success rate is much higher than that you blindly go to the customer. As long as the customer agrees to use this paint, the decoration company will naturally be happy to accept your product

for example, using your paint in every owner's home can bring you 10000 profits, and in the early stage of each owner, you provide 1000 background wall services free of charge. That is to say, as long as one of the 10 owners is willing to use all your paint, you are not at a loss. Two of them are profitable. You should know that the background wall has been done with your paint, and the effect is really good-looking, and the service is not bad, In this case, many owners will agree with your recommendation to use all your paint for the sake of the beauty of the house

you should know that a house represents a home. Everyone wants to have a beautiful home. Besides, the big money spent on buying a house and the small money spent on decoration will not be vague. After all, most people pay more attention to the decoration of their own home




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