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the central China production base of Hunan Tuscan Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Changsha County, covering an area of 6000 square meters, with a total investment of 20million yuan and more than 100 employees. It was put into operation in October 2017. Tscn central China production base plans to produce 1.5 million square meters of bamboo and wood fiber integrated packaged boards annually, and plans 12 extrusion production lines, 8 coating lines, 2 slotting machines, and 1 roller coating line

compared with the production bases in East and South China, tscn central China production base has a national dust-free automatic production line, which is an automatic flow production line from raw material feeding, closed mixture feeding, pipeline transportation, extrusion of embryo materials, coating, UV roll coating line, and precise slotting to produce finished products

(I) closed feeding, reducing dust by more than 80%

(II) green extrusion, circulating water, 200 cubic meters of water pool for equipment cooling and water recycling

(III) automatic resin high film coating, classic process, guaranteed efficiency

(IV) automatic water-based UV roll coating, more environmental protection, better effect

(V) double end belt finishing machine tool

1, no speed regulation, high-precision conveyor chain guide rail feeding system

2. Double linear guide rails, eight sets of cutter shafts, and four stations and eight high-speed motors are used, which has the characteristics of fast production speed and high output, and realizes 180 degree straightness of plates

(VI) dust collection and recovery system, the "open" flow production and management environment of the whole field, green environmental protection

(VII) nano photocatalyst air purification equipment

1, - deodorization

2, decomposition and purification without adding any substances

3. It can adapt to the deodorization and purification treatment of high concentration, atmospheric volume and different odor gas substances

4. Long service life

5. No secondary pollution

tscn Huazhong production base has achieved the following product processes: second sanding, third rolling coating, UV glazing after coating, and enhanced surface treatment compared with peers; Realize the stable performance of the integrated monolithic board, and the surface is flat and scratch resistant

Tscn Tuscany bamboo wood fiber integrated wall is a real environmental protection building material. It is made of bamboo powder, wood powder, natural resin material, etc. through the chemical principle of polymer interface and the characteristics of filling modification, and is made by extrusion process. It can control the color, size, and shape of products according to needs, realize customization on demand, replace solid wood, greatly reduce the use cost, and save forest resources. It is a new type of environmental protection material

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