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Home is the harbor of people's hearts. For home decoration, it reflects the living taste of residents. Just like the color of wall cloth, it will also contain a person's personality characteristics. Now let's have a look with Vega wallcovering

pink wall cloth

hidden personality: optimistic

pink represents enthusiasm, liveliness and openness. People who like red wall coverings are usually fast-paced people who will spontaneously act and make decisions. He doesn't care about facts and details, is easy to exaggerate, and avoids some tedious work as much as possible. They are very creative people, quick thinking, interested in organizing activities, and can participate quickly and enthusiastically. Of course, if this kind of people encounter people who block their happiness and happiness, they will be full of hostility. When things happen, you will blame others first, so at this time, the editor should remind you: if you encounter such things, treat them with a more generous heart, so you will have more popularity

gray wallcovering

hidden personality: positive

among many colors, the classic black and white color is often used by people. Usually, people who use black-and-white wall coverings are positive and have a good planning and working attitude for their future life. In the eyes of others, this kind of master is a person with proper ideas. Of course, this master also hopes to be an extraordinary person in the eyes of others

yellow wall cloth

hidden character: create

yellow, warm colors. People who use yellow wall coverings are very direct and rigorous, and have strong self-management ability. They consciously complete their work and give themselves new tasks. Their motto is "I want to do it fast and well". Confident and knowledgeable will also be proud of this. But this kind of people seem to have many friends, and their hearts are very lonely, so you never do anything uncertain, nor betray your friends

blue wallcovering

hidden personality: rational blue, the color of the sky, the color of the sea. People who use blue wallcovering pay great attention to the thinking process and can solve problems comprehensively and systematically. It will be regarded as distant, critical and serious. They work slowly, are very concerned about the safety of things, do everything right, and like an organized, structured and knowledgeable working environment. So this kind of person is keen to collect data and ask many questions about details. He is suspicious and likes to record things. His actions and decisions are very cautious

Vega wall fabric has many styles and rich varieties, including jacquard, printing and carved products; It has strong color fastness, stable color, long-term color fastness, non-toxic and tasteless. It can be checked in after construction. It is suitable for engineering installation in home decoration, hotels, KTV, conference rooms and other places

(source: Vega wallcovering)




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