Enterprise projects must pass the safety and envir

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The entry of enterprise projects must pass the safety and environmental protection pass first. The entry of enterprise projects must pass the safety and environmental protection pass first. The entry of enterprise projects must pass the safety and environmental protection pass first. The entry of paint and

enterprise projects must pass the safety and environmental protection pass first, On October 17, 2019

the catalogue of prohibitions (controls) of Lanzhou New Area Chemical Park (Trial) [hereinafter referred to as the "catalogue of prohibitions (controls)"] was recently issued and implemented. The "restricted (controlled) catalogue" comprehensively, clearly and in detail expounds the project access threshold, prohibited catalogue and restricted catalogue

according to Xu Youpeng, head of the comprehensive office group of the chemical park management office, according to the spirit of relevant documents of the national development and Reform Commission and the relevant level 1 requirements for high-pressure sealing planning of the chemical park in the new area, the projects introduced in the chemical park give priority to the production project coatings with advanced production technology and equipment, high degree of automation and reliable and advanced pollution control technology. Moreover, it must have perfect and effective "three wastes" treatment measures, which can realize the stable discharge of pollutants such as wastewater and waste gas, and ensure the standard of regional environmental functional areas. The safety and environmental risks of the introduced projects must be controllable, and priority should be given to the introduction of projects with low safety and environmental risks

"restricted (controlled) catalogue" stipulates that projects settled in the chemical park of the new area must 2. Comply with the industrial planning of the park when the material quality control fails: in the near future, focus on the development of new chemical materials, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes and intermediates, chemical additives and reagents, high-end chemicals, comprehensive utilization of hazardous and solid waste resources, chemical R & D and incubation; Develop pharmaceutical and chemical industry, new materials, inorganic chemical industry, petrochemical industry and related supporting industries in the long term. The entry threshold of the project settled in the chemical industry park is clearly stipulated, that is, the project covers an area of more than 30 mu (net land), the fixed asset investment is more than 30 million yuan, and the average tax per mu is no less than 100000 yuan. Projects below this standard will be selected to settle in the standardized plant

in addition, the "restricted (controlled) catalogue" clearly stipulates the prohibited catalogue, including 12 categories of backward production process equipment such as atmospheric and vacuum distillation units with a capacity of 2 million tons/year and below, kettle distillation units that produce oil products by open fire and high temperature heating, waste rubber and plastic indigenous refining process, tar intermittent production of asphalt and pesticide products eliminated according to the requirements of the overall plan of the national implementation of international conventions, High toxic pesticide products, products eliminated according to the requirements of the overall plan of the country to implement the international convention, and 8 categories of backward products such as interior wall, solvent wood, toys, automobiles and exterior wall coatings with content of harmful substances exceeding the standard

for the restricted (controlled) category, the "restricted (controlled) category" lists 15 categories, including newly-built nitrogen fertilizer plants with petroleum (except high sulfur petroleum coke) and natural gas as raw materials, gasification plants using fixed interlayer gasification technology, and ammonium phosphate production plants. It stipulates that the world's top 500, domestic top 100 and top 50 private enterprises, central enterprises, listed companies (except the new third board) or projects supporting upstream and downstream enterprises in the park and the development of circular economy can implement conditional access according to the project investment scale and economic benefits

in order to achieve the goal of high-quality development and build a 100 billion high-end chemical industrial park with industrial agglomeration, green environmental protection and domestic first-class, the chemical park in the new area always takes green environmental protection and safety as the first standard and runs through the whole process and all aspects of park construction

according to Xu Youpeng, the chemical industry park insists on doing a good job in safety and environmental protection management from two aspects: improving intrinsic safety and implementing professional management. On the one hand, strictly control the intrinsic safety of enterprises. On the other hand, establish a professional safety management team to implement professional safety management. In order to fundamentally ensure the environmental protection compliance of the chemical industry park and build a chemical industry park with green ecological cycle development, the park management team optimized the top-level design and arranged the environmental protection industry in a high-standard manner according to the principle of "no exit from the park, local disposal" of waste water, waste gas and solid waste, which provided environmental protection guarantee for enterprises and reduced the environmental protection risk of illegal discharge and dumping. The implementation of the "restricted (controlled) catalogue" will further improve the quality of projects entering the park and lay a solid foundation for the high-quality and rapid development of the chemical park

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at present, the "seven connections and one purification" in the fine chemical area of the chemical park has been completed, the steam and heat supply projects and sewage treatment projects have been put into operation simultaneously with the early enterprises in the Park, and the infrastructure projects such as hazardous waste disposal, testing center and comprehensive service center have been continuously started; 106 industrial projects were introduced, with a total investment of 20.8 billion yuan, showing a good development trend


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